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A greener energy future

In the current landscape, electric cars are already more environmentally friendly than traditional combustion engine vehicles. However, enhancing the eco-friendliness of electric car driving is achieved by charging with an increasing share of renewable energy sources.

The UK’s grid is consistently becoming more environmentally sustainable through the increased integration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. While this contributes to the overall eco-friendliness of charging electric cars, opting for one of the numerous renewable energy providers can further enhance the green aspect of home charging.

Today an electric car is already greener than a combustion engine vehicle, but charging with ever more renewable energy makes electric car driving even more environmentally friendly

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The UK’s grid is continually getting greener with more and more renewable energy generation, such as solar and wind power. While this means charging electric cars is getting more environmentally friendly overall, you can switch to one of the many renewable energy providers to make charging at home even greener.

If you have an electric car and parking space outside your home, consider installing an electric vehicle charger.

If you have an electric car and parking space outside your home, consider installing an electric vehicle charger.

You would always have a charging point available ensuring each time you drive away you would leave with a full battery.

Charge your electric car effortlessly at home with a custom home charging point provided and installed by our team. Alternatively, if you already have a charger, we’re more than happy to handle the installation for you!

Opting for home charging points is the preference of electric car drivers, allowing them the advantages of a dedicated charger, quicker charging speeds, and integrated safety features.

Charging an electric car mirrors the process of charging a mobile phone – plug in overnight for a complete battery charge and recharge as needed during the day based on usage.

While having a 3-pin standard plug charging cable as a backup option is convenient, it’s important to note that these cables aren’t built to handle the required charging loads for an extended period. Long-term use is discouraged, as they can only charge at a rate of 6-8 miles per hour. It’s recommended to reserve the use of a standard 3-pin plug with an EVSE cable as a last resort.

Cost of installing a dedicated home charger (T&Cs Apply)

Elevate your lifestyle with a fully installed home charging point starting at just £349, offering charging speeds of 30 miles per hour and beyond!

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We specialize in efficient installation services for EV chargers, ensuring a prompt setup for your electric vehicle needs. Our team can have your EV charger installed in just half a day. Feel free to give us a call, and let’s discuss how we can assist you!

Following our installation, you’ll only be billed for the electricity consumed during your car charging sessions by your energy provider ensuring a transparent and cost-effective charging experience tailored to your usage.

The typical electricity rate in the England during the day is just over 14p per kWh,

while on Economy 7 tariffs the typical overnight electricity rate in the UK is 7p per kWh.

EcoGreen Electrical recently installed our EV charger, and we are thoroughly satisfied with the entire process. They began with a complimentary survey, showcasing both friendliness and expertise. After receiving and approving their quote, we proceeded with the installation. The team also assisted in configuring the app and providing a comprehensive explanation of its functionality. Overall, we are delighted with the service and would highly recommend them.

Sarah, Private Residence, Hertfordshire

Feel free to reach out to explore how our assistance can benefit you.