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Electrical Installation Condition Report

Get an Offical Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)

Our electricians will assess your property and provide you with an EICR to ensure you comply with The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Sector Regulations 2020 Act.

Do You Need an EICR Certificate?

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 require all private landlords to get their electrical systems fully inspected by certified professionals at least once every five years.

The main issues any inspection officer will be looking for are unsatisfactory codes, along with some satisfactory codes. For example:

  • C1 code — Immediate action is required as danger is present (unsatisfactory)
  • C2 code — A potentially dangerous issue has been identified that requires urgent attention (unsatisfactory)
  • FI code — A potential issue requires further investigation (unsatisfactory)

If your report also identifies satisfactory codes, you may need to demonstrate that you’re taking steps to make the required improvements.

If you let out a property, you’ll need to have an EICR certificate ready for inspection at all times. There should also be a full copy of the inspection report at hand.

At EcoGreen Electrical, we carry out full EICR reports and inspections for a fixed fee. We can also issue you with the certification needed to remain fully compliant with the law. To book your EICR for landlords inspection, call us today on 01727 576131.

Why Choose Us for Your Next EICR Test

Our experienced electrical engineers have encountered just about every imaginable electrical problem over the years. If you fall foul of EICR regulations in any way, we’ll know how to put things right — quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

When you choose EcoGreen Electrical for an EICR check, you’re guaranteed a range of benefits:

  • A low EICR certificate cost
  • A full and detailed EICR report
  • Fast and efficient remedial works when required
  • Advice and expertise from electricians with decades of experience
  • Our customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Access to high-quality parts and materials at highly competitive prices
  • A wealth of knowledge on the laws and regulations pertaining to electrical installations

Whether you want to know more about the meaning of EICR or book a full inspection, call us today on 01727 576131.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.