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Fire Alarms and Security

Fire Alarm Installation and Security Systems You Can Rely On

We perform fire alarm installations and a range of security system services designed to protect your property — and the people in it.

Fire Alarm and Security Alarm Installations for Your Peace of Mind

The only thing more important than protecting your property is protecting the people inside it. At EcoGreen Electrical, we can install a fire alarm or security system that will do both.

Our state-of-the-art installations include design, equipment procurement, testing and certification — everything you need to protect people, your property and your financial interests.

We can install and maintain a range of fire alarm systems, including:

  • Conventional fire alarms
  • Radio fire alarm systems for wireless communications
  • Hybrid fire alarm systems
  • Analogue addressable fire alarm systems

If you own a rental property or commercial premises, you need a commercial fire alarm system that makes early detection and automated reporting fast and efficient.

Speak to our fire alarm installers today to learn more about our services or to book your free consultation. We’ll talk you through our full range of fire and burglar alarms and answer any questions you may have.

Fire Alarm Systems Designed and Installed for Your Property

We take a fresh approach to every fire and smoke alarm installation. And we take exactly the same approach when we’re fitting security alarms. We first assess the site, any existing infrastructure in place and any specific challenges that might arise. Only then can we install a fire alarm or security system that delivers maximum protection.

When you choose EcoGreen Electrical to install a fire alarm or security system, you’re guaranteed:

  • The expert services of highly experienced electrical installers
  • State-of-the-art detection and monitoring equipment
  • Smoke alarm installation options
  • Fire alarm testing and ongoing maintenance
  • Our commitment to safety and quality
  • Our customer satisfaction guarantee
  • A long track record of fire alarm installation in the UK

Protect your home or business with expert security system and fire alarm installation performed by certified electricians. Call us today on 01727 576131 to book your initial consultation.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.