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Fuseboard Upgrades

Fuseboard Replacements and Upgrades Performed by Professionals

Our fully certified electricians can make your home safer and more efficient by upgrading or replacing your fuseboard.

Is it Time for a Fuse Box Upgrade?

Your fuseboard — sometimes called a fuse box or consumer unit — controls and distributes your home’s electrical power supply. Consisting of a mains switch, circuit breakers and residual current devices, it’s a vital component of your property’s electrical system.

To ensure homes are safe and efficient, we perform fuseboard upgrades and replacements using high-quality parts and components.

We start the process with an inspection. This should be carried out at least once every 10 years, and once every five years if you’re a landlord. And it should always be done by certified electricians.

For an initial inspection of your fuse box, or to arrange a consumer unit upgrade, call us today on 01727 576131.

The Benefits of a Fuseboard Upgrade

At EcoGreen Electrical, we perform dozens of fuseboard replacements and upgrades every year. As a result, we see the benefits almost every week.

  • Improved electrical safety
  • Legal compliance with BS 7671
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Peace of mind

After initial testing, we create a bespoke action plan for every fuse box upgrade. And we take care of all the work — from isolating the power supply to fitting the new equipment and issuing a certificate of compliance.

To book an initial consultation or find out more about consumer unit upgrades, contact us today.

Why Choose Us for Your Fuseboard Upgrade

At EcoGreen Electrical, we specialise in making UK homes safer and more energy efficient. When you choose us for your fuseboard replacement, you’re guaranteed a raft of benefits:

  • The expertise of fully certified electricians
  • All the necessary certifications
  • High-quality fuseboard components
  • An unwavering commitment to quality
  • An open and transparent way of working
  • Your complete satisfaction — we don’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied

The work required to upgrade a fusebox is highly technical — and potentially dangerous when untrained, unqualified people attempt it. To keep your home safe and reduce its carbon footprint, call us today about your fuseboard replacement on 01727 576131.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.