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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Installation and Setup

Let us prepare your home for the future of smart automation. Control your heating, lighting, internet and entertainment remotely — from anywhere in the world.

We Create Automated Homes in the UK

Ever wanted to want to warm your house before you get home from work? Maybe you want to take control of your home’s heating away from others. Or you might like the freedom to tinker with WiFi settings or lighting levels without leaving the comfort of your sofa!

With our smart home automation services, you can control the temperature, lighting, internet settings and sound levels in your home from anywhere in the world — potentially cutting your energy use and making your home more efficient.

To learn more about smart home automation in the UK, or to arrange a free consultation, call us today on 01727 576131.

The Benefits of Smart Home Installation

To enjoy all the great benefits of smart home installation, you should hire expert electrical contractors to perform the work to the highest possible standards. When you do, your life will change in a number of ways.

  • Check your home’s temperature and make instant from anywhere in the world
  • Turn lights on and off remotely — great for security purposes or setting the scene for your return home
  • Turn your heating on and off with the push of a button
  • Plug you and your family into a world of information and entertainment with Google Nest integration around the home
  • Control audio-visual devices around your home — without leaving your sofa
  • Control all your smart home automation technologies via mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads
  • Make instant changes and adjustments with the touch of a button
  • Control all your home’s smart functionality via a single interface
  • Cut gas and electricity bills with faster, simpler management of all your energy-guzzling appliances
  • Adjust your broadband and WiFi settings in seconds

Our Smart Home Automation Options

We’re on a mission to create the homes of tomorrow. That’s why we specialize in an array of smart features that cover everything from your household lights to your broadband.

  • Lutron smart lighting solutions
  • Remotely accessed WiFi networks
  • Sonos smart audio systems
  • Google Nest technologies
  • Hive heating
  • Home hubs
  • Technical assistance and advice
  • Options for everyday mobile devices such as iPhones and Android devices

If it connects to an electricity supply, there’s a chance that we can connect you to it via a mobile device. Let us turn your home into an energy-saving, cost-cutting smart hub for 21st-century family life.

You can save money and reduce your carbon footprint through the use of smart gadgets and appliances in your home. Call us today on 01727 576131 to find out more.

Why Choose Us for Smart Home Installation

When we talk about smart home automation, we’re not just talking about installing smart meters and remotely controlled lightbulbs — we’re talking about giving you full control over your home’s utilities and electrical gadgetry.

When you choose us to install smart automation systems in your home, you’re guaranteed the following benefits:

  • The services of smart home automation experts
  • An unwavering commitment to quality and safety
  • Technical advice on the use of smart automation technologies
  • Our customer satisfaction guarantee
  • The latest home automation technologies in the UK
  • Constant communication throughout the smart home installation process

Take control of you how you use your home, and cut your energy bills in the process. Call our smart home installation experts on 01727 576131 — and we’ll show you how to make your home smarter, more efficient and ready for the automation revolution.

Please get in touch to see how we can help.