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Topic: Electric Vehicles Regulations 2022


United Kingdom is following a strategy of “Clean Growth” which states that there will be Zero greenhouse emissions or carbon emissions by the year 2050. The reason behind this is to overcome the climatic changes that have been occurring for several years and now the focus is on sustainability of the environment.


What are Electric Vehicles charge points?
To pursue the go green policy the government has take an initiative to ban diesel and petrol by the year 2030, before this in the United Kingdom it has been made mandatory to have Electric Vehicles Charge Points in almost every residential or non residential properties by the year 2022. There are lot of charging points in the United Kingdom on public sites where people can charge their electric vehicles for free before this legislation. But now the Government has passed a law to enable itself for charging any tax, but it’s not charging right now any tax.


What is Electric Vehicles Regulations 2022?
The Electric Vehicles (Smart charge points) Regulations will be coming into force from 30th june 2022. Under this law all the Charge points for the electric vehicles must have a smart meter and all the information will be sent to the Smart Meter Data Communications Network. The purpose of this meter is to know about the usage of the electricity as in case of the domestic electricity usage.This new law has the right to enable the Government to charge high rates and high tax as compared to the domestic form of electricity. It also allows the Government to take decision about the tax and charge value on its own and it also have the authority to to drain all the Electric Vehicles battery to the relevant grid if it is required any time. Currently this legislation has not applied to the other two charge points that are public and rapid charged points but there is no valid reason that can not allow to tax this.


According to the spokesperson of the Alliance of British Drivers Paul:
“Governments have been very keen on introducing a punitive system of road pricing since 2007 when the ABD played a key campaigning role (2) in helping to defeat the unpopular plans of the Blair government. Electric vehicles have provided a new impetus for road pricing, but there are cost-effective alternative . This new legislation provides a neat answer to the problem of taxing EVs for road use although the law also has some potentially sinister implications.”


Alliance of British Drivers always oppose this kind of taxation system and provides better alternatives but the Government makes laws according to its own policies. Major analysts have spoke about this taxation system will help the economy of the United Kingdom to boost up as well as it will help to combat the major climatic issues like carbon footprints and greenhouse gases. But this system must be fare according to the usage of the charge points so there is not extra charge from any citizen.

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