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As the prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) grows on UK roads, more consumers are interested than ever before regarding how these innovative vehicles operate. One of the first aspects to learn is how charging an EV works, and how much you can expect to pay when charging your unique EV.

To help you avoid running out of juice while on your first EV road trip, here is a quick primer on EV prices – and what you can expect to pay at the electric “pump”.


How Much Does It Cost To Charge An EV?

One of the first questions new EV buyers ask is “How much does it cost to run an electric car?” This is a great question, and the answer is even better.

Like any other vehicle, EVs cost money to operate. The total cost will vary depending on your usage, as well as how well you maintain your vehicle over time. While electric vehicles are still relatively new to the UK market, enough are on the road to help give an idea as to the average cost you will pay to charge.

Prices for charging vary based on the availability of charging stations as well as the vehicle you are running. Should you have the outlets available at home to charge, you will likely pay less over time instead of charging solely at city charging stations. The weight and size of the care and the battery inside will also influence the final price for charging.

Based on a mean yearly travel distance of 9,000 miles, here is the cost you can expect based on the style of EV. NOTE: These are averages, and cost will vary depending on a variety of factors:

  • Small-size (VW E-Up and similar): £400 – £500
  • Medium-size (Nissan Leaf and similar): £450 – £600
  • Large-size (Hyundai Kona and larger): £560 – £700.

Fortunately, comparing these costs against fossil-fuel powered vehicles will show a massive saving over time. By taking advantage of the low-cost of electric power, as well as the eco-friendly benefits of traveling in an EV, you can quickly begin to see a variety of benefits outside your pocketbook!

Charge In Confidence

As you learn more about the available EV charging types, styles, and prices, you will feel more confident about hitting the road in these innovative new vehicles. Understanding how to best charge at a price that fits your budget EV can help you save time and money as you plan your next drive. Check out more great EV tips and tricks online from the team at Eco Green Electrical.

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