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Rewiring Your Property/Home for Safety and Reliability

Electrical power is one of the most vital elements for your home, and rewiring your home may become necessary if you are living in an old home. The safety of your home depends on the wiring system. When the wiring system becomes outdated it can begin to show some signs of wear and it would be advisable to get your electrics tested by NICEIC registered electrician to tell if your house needs rewiring.

Once you have decided to go for rewiring your home the next question that comes to your mind is can you rewire your own house? Rewiring your home is not a simple process like installing the wiring for a outside light or fixing an electrical outlet for a piece of new equipment.

This needs experience, knowledge, and know-how of installing the correct types of wiring and circuits and you must know how to find out if a house needs rewiring by inspecting the existing electrical system. Get a few quotes off trained electricians to do the rewiring of your home, do not attempt to find out can I rewire my house?

It is always better to find the best electrical contractor to do the rewiring of your home. The safety and well-being of your family/tenants depend on the quality of electrical wiring and only a well-trained and experienced electrician can do it as per the British Standards 7671 wiring regulations.

There are many Government regulations in place and they have to be complied with for adhering to the safety aspects. If you are living in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, take your time and do your homework to find the best electrical contractor to do the rewiring of your home such as us here at EcoGreen Electrical Ltd.


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How to tell if a house needs rewiring to bring it to current standards

When your house is more than 25 years old, or you have not made any changes to the electrical system all these years, you may need to rewire your home. In the modern days, we are using many types of electrical equipment in our day-to-day life.

This has increased the demand for electrical power in different parts of your home. Your electrical system must be able to cope up with this increased demand. The electrical system must be designed and laid out and implemented in such a way that the electrical energy is available at all places in your home safely and securely.

If you are living in an old house or purchased an old home, or making extensions, alterations, conversions in your home, rewiring or new circuits must be done as a part of the alterations. This becomes necessary to carry the additional electrical load to the new alterations as well as to improve the overall safety of your home.

To find out if you have to rewire your home look at the fuse box. If the fuse box has a wooden back with metal switches and has ceramic fuses or a mixture of fuses, it indicates an older electrical system. It is likely to be an old fuse box which, in most cases, is a sure-fire sign that all of your electrics are out of date. 

This is how to tell if your home needs rewiring and call your Hertfordshire electrical contractor EcoGreen Electrical immediately to do the rewiring. Arrange for an electrical survey of the entire electrical system of your home and find out the present condition of your electrical system as well as to know how much does it cost to rewire your house.


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The process of rewiring your home

The process of rewiring needs the services of a team of electricians, to remove all the existing electrical wiring in all the rooms. They will also remove all the lights, sockets, switches, and all the electrical fixtures and replace them wherever necessary. This involves extensive chasing and wiring inside the walls and under the floorboards to fit new cables.

The rewiring of your home makes your electrical system safer and more reliable. You can add lights, socket switches, and other electrical items in all the places you want. Rewiring is an opportunity to update and bring to current standard all the electrical cables, systems, equipment, and gadgets in your property/ home. This makes your home comply with all the latest regulations regarding the use of electrical energy inside your home.

Apart from this, you can take rewiring your home as means of installing all types of energy-efficient, green, and smart electrical devices to make your home more safe, comfortable, and easy to use.

Take care to select only trained and qualified Electrical contractors with a long-standing in the industry. In Hertfordshire find the best electrical contractor by making your search online and look for great reviews like EcoGreen Electricals review on google or get references from your friends and neighbours to find the best electrical contractor in the Hertfordshire area to rewire your home.

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