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  • Do You Need a Fuse Board or Consumer Unit Upgrade?

A fuse board, also known as a consumer unit, is designed to operate and safeguard your home’s electrical system. It acts as a type of distribution board and is the main control centre for your home’s electrical supply. Over time, your consumer unit may require updating or replacing if they’re not coping with current demands, they’re unsafe or they’re frequently tripping. In this blog, we’ll talk through some of the tell-tale signs of needing a consumer unit upgrade. 

  • How Do I Know if I Need a New or Upgraded Consumer Unit?

Here’s the good news. There’s no need to replace an existing consumer unit unless it’s defective or otherwise unsuitable for continued use. At EcoGreen Electrical Ltd, we’ll test and inspect your properties electrical system and give you a NICEIC certificate stating what is not conforming to current regulations, if needed we can replace your old fuse board aswell as any other remedials that the testing highlights and bring your home up to date with the latest regulations. This will help to improve electrical safety in your home. 

  • Your fuse board should be upgraded if: 
• It’s unsafe
• It’s not coping with the demands placed on it
• It’s overheating 
• It frequently trips fuses
• It cannot be extended to cover the demands of new appliances such as EV chargers or shower circuits
• It’s an old porcelain fuse board with fuse wire
  • How Long Does It Take to Update a Consumer Unit?

Replacing a consumer unit can take a half day for our fully vetted and trained electricians. The exact timeline will vary due to different setups ivarious properties . During this time, it’s important to note that your power will need to be turned off, but we can also install a temporary supply if you have some appliances that need to run during that period such as your wifi and fridge freezer.

Following installation, tests will be conducted and a relevant NICEIC electrical certificate will be given to you and your local authority will be notified of the works completed as set out by the Part P regulations.

  • How Much Does It Cost to Update a Consumer Unit? 

There’s no set price for replacing or updating a fuse board because every scenario is slightly different. Your electrician’s goal is to bring your home’s electrical wiring system up to current legal standards, and thus the cost of replacing or updating your fuse board can vary depending on what needs to be done to do that. 

For some context, the approximate cost for a basic fuse board upgrade with up to 10 MCBs on all necessary circuits is between £300 – £600. This quote ultimately depends on the number of circuits you have in your home and other factors such as, whether your homes water and gas pipes have an earth bond to them. For a more detailed quote, please contact us via email on [email protected] or call 01707 690271.

  • Contact Us Today!

You now know the basic safety benefits of having an upgraded consumer unit. There’s no better time to make these changes to ensure electrical safety throughout your home. If you’re seeking a consumer unit or fuse board upgrade in Hertfordshire, get in touch with EcoGreen Electrical LtdAs a NICEIC registered electric company, we’re here to help you get your fuse board checked and guard against dangerous electrical installations.

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