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World Earth Day 2021
Each year, the world celebrates World Earth Day as a way to honour our planet and raise awareness against climate change and ongoing environmental disaster. If you’re not currently aware of what this day means to your community, keep reading… World Earth Day 2021 is fast approaching.
What is World Earth Day?
World Earth Day began in 1970 as a day for everyone to remember how important the Earth and the environment are to us. While not yet considered an international holiday, the day has given a voice to an emerging public consciousness regarding the state of our planet.
In 2021, World Earth Day will be celebrated Thursday, April 22. EARTHDAY.ORG will be hosting a three-day event with the theme of “Restore Our Earth.” Here is what you can expect on each of the days.
  • April 20: Global youth climate summit led by Earth Uprising
  • April 21: Education International leads “Teach for the Planet: Global Education Summit”
  • April 22: EARTHDAY.ORG will host its second Earth Day Live digital event at 12pm EST
Topics will include climate and environmental literacy, climate restoration technologies, reforestation efforts, regenerative agriculture, equity and environmental justice, citizen science, clean-ups (here at EcoGreen Electrical we are organising to collect litter in our local community), and more.
Why is World Earth Day Important?
Over 50 years ago, World Earth Day began as a way to promote recognition of the environment in the United States. It became recognised worldwide by 1990 and is the world’s largest civil event today. In 2009, World Earth Day was officially renamed “International Mother Earth Day” by the United Nations.
Right now, we’re facing a global climate crisis, and this day is an opportunity to act towards the protection of the environment and emphasise the need for conservation.
How to Celebrate World Earth Day.
There are numerous ways to celebrate World Earth Day outside of attending the formal climate summits hosted by EARTHDAY.ORG. Consider one of the following ways to honour and celebrate the planet:
1. Join a climate march
On the very first World Earth Day in 1970, 20 million people gathered in the streets of the United States to protest the industrial revolution, which was harming the climate. As a result, an environmental movement was born. This remains one of the best ways to celebrate World Earth day. Get out and fight for the planet on April 22!
2. Take a walk in your community
When was the last time you got out and explored nature in your area? A short walk can fit into anyone’s day and can be used to appreciate the plants and animals that share your “ecosystem.”
3. Refresh your knowledge of recycling
Most people have basic knowledge of recycling by now, but no one does it perfectly. On World Earth Day, review your local recycling rules and find out how you can continue to improve your disposal of products you no longer need. For example, how can you dispose of materials like textiles and electronic waste?

4. Shop sustainable brands

Most people love to shop, but “fast fashion” is killing our environment. Save the environment from textile factories that mass produce trendy but cheap clothing items that are only meant to last a season before being discarded. Instead, choose sustainable brands that make clothes from recycled materials and have a responsible business model.
Final thoughts:-
World Earth Day is an opportunity to get involved in your community’s environmental movement. You can find local World Earth Day events on six continents.
Visit EARTHDAY.ORG to use their search engine.

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